Living in Washington, how cool is that?

If you’ve lived in Washington DC for a year, it’s time for reflection. How did I experience this past year? Surprisingly it’s costing me quite some effort to answer this simple question. After all, an emigration process generates such a broad range of impressions and emotions that it’s hard to summarize all of it in a short piece of text. I therefore choose to describe my journey by giving you a tour through the senses.

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Magical concert in the tiniest boat ever

‘Ahoy! Here’s your serenade of the day!’ Sometimes life gives you a beautiful present. Like this unexpected live concert on the water in Leiden in the Netherlands. We were cruising the canals when we stumbled upon this tiny music boat, and enjoyed the magical tones of a trumpet, an organ and a violin. Dutch artist Reinier Sijpkens ( and his special guest star ‘Heidi from … Continue reading Magical concert in the tiniest boat ever