Mind-blowing must-see museum in Maryland

Yes, it blew my mind, the new Glenstone Museum in Potomac in the state of Maryland just outside Washington DC. Art, architecture and landscape organically merge in such a minimalistic way that it feels like you just entered a parallel universe.

I must admit that, while walking towards the grey building, for a short moment the thought of a crematorium crossed my mind. You can hardly see any windows from the outside. But inside the natural light shines with surprising abundance through immense walls of glass, surrounding a big rectangular pond filled with lilies and a big wooden platform to sit on.

To my horror I was informed that photography wasn’t permitted inside. This was based on the belief that visitors should not be distracted from the art. It did hurt a little, because I love to photograph art. Maybe therefore it worked. I fully experienced the work of Rothko, De Kooning, Pollock and many other artists I had never heard of before.

Art collectors Mitch and Emily Rales opened the Pavilions in October 2018. It was an expansion of the existing gallery on their huge estate. The information about the collection is limited. If you have a question you just ask an attendant. They’re all dressed in sekt-like grey clothes and eager to tell you all about the museum and its owners.

Following the path to the huge outdoor sculptures I tried to comprehend how wealthy one must be to be able to collect art at this level, to build such an impressive museum and to give the public a chance to enjoy all of this, for free.

It blew my mind.

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