The best thing about living in Washington DC

Happy New Year y’all! On the second day of 2019 I started my third resolution: to write regularly about my new life in Washington DC.

My husband and I came to the US four months ago, and it took me exactly this much time to adjust. As a Dutch girl, I thought I knew all there is to know about the States: watching all those great Hollywood movies over the years, following the news closely and traveling by car from San Francisco to New York. But it turns out that living in a foreign country is something completely different from visiting a place.

While writing this blog I realized that I have so much to tell you. But to keep it short and simple, I want to start by sharing what I like most about living in Washington DC. It’s the unbelievable fact that many museums with magnificent exhibitions are completely for free.


That means that I can go whenever I like, as much as I like, for as long as I like. As all Dutch people do, I really appreciate my freedom and I love it when valuable things are offered for free. On top of that, art inspires me, I need it like oxygen.

No Spectators
So on the first day of the new year I finally found the time to visit the Renwick Gallery, close to the White House. I went to the No Spectators exhibition, featuring the art of Burning Man, the yearly colorful festival in the Desert of Nevada. For the first time the giant experimental art installations were brought to the nation’s capital.


This exhibit is absolutely spectacular, you should go before it closes on January 21. If you still can that is, because the website states today: “Due to the federal government shutdown, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery are closed; programs and events at the museum are also canceled.” How lucky I was to see it just in time.

Oh, you still want to know what my other resolutions are? Eat more healthier and exercise more. Sounds familiar? I’ll keep you posted!

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